is a partnership between small farmers in West Africa and investors and companies from Europe.


Simon from Togo and Ingolf from Germany have been working together in several areas for about eight years. Since 2015, they have been working on a business model that effectively combats hunger in Africa, gives Africans a perspective in their own country, and enables European savers and investors to achieve a good return on a fair business.


Dennis, Diploma in Agricultural Economics (University of Giessen) speaks German and realizes his idea of organic horticulture in Togo with the money of UDD and establishes a model company to pass on this knowledge.


Mamadou from Guinea wants to enlarge its agriculture by means of UDD and build a further model business in his home country.


Fred from Togo has received an order from UDD to create and manage this website!


Together with all donors, mainly from Germany, we are UDD!


If you want to donate money or invest with us, please contact us! We have big goals and need a lot of money!