Our partner www.STRUC-TOOLS.de offers robust machines from European production. More than 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering, a own smithy with a long standing tradition since 1573, window manufacturing in Germany since 1973. Experience in residential construction and in the field of tourism, the STRUC-GROUP can contribute as soon as it is needed.

Grinding and plowing are irreplaceable on all farms. Together with forged plows, forks and shovels, you form the basis of industrialization with an eye, an increase in productivity that allows self-supply without endangering on-site work.


The advantages at a glance:

  • The milling machine can transform 1 to 2 hectares of farmland in one day.
  • The rotating plow can plow about 1 hectare of land per day, in which larger bushes can remain stationary.
  • The combustion is no longer necessary, which means that the tiller works as a neutral CO2 despite gasoline!
  • The cultivator cuts small plants and digs them, which improves the soil.
  • Low weight, therefore no compaction of soil as for large tractors.
  • The tiller can operate on small surfaces and on steep slopes. (Peanuts, wine, etc.)



Tiller with reversible plow

Tiller with cultivator

Cultivator with rototiller

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Catalog of machinery STRUC TOOLS
STRUC TOOLS machines are perfectly adapted for soil tillage in sub-Saharan Africa
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