Your investment is bearing fruit!


Why is hunger here? Imagine a huge crate that you park in front of a village in Africa. The people open the crate and 2 years later the whole village takes care of itself and generates surpluses. We call this crate UDD! What must be in this crate? Tools, small tractors, seed, irrigation systems and much more. Invest with heart and mind into the future of our earth!


One of the problems of food that gangrene the African populations in general and those of Togo in the Prefecture of Amou in particular is the scarcity of vegetable products. Indeed, in the country and especially in the project area, market gardening is not practiced enough for two basic reasons: firstly, farmers do not master the techniques well and, secondly, do not have the techniques Adequate means, especially to protect themselves from climatic abnormalities. In Togo, there is a great dry season from November to May; During this period, vegetable consumers remain virtually weaned. This phenomenon defines, among other things, the situation of under-nourishment of populations, which worsens with climate change.


In addition, the few vegetables that are found on the market are grown from chemicals, which affect long-term consumer health.

These two factors, the scarcity of vegetables and their poor quality, plunge the populations into a deplorable situation that challenges the conscience. It is with the aim of remedying this state of affairs that the present project of market gardening is initiated focusing on improved cultivation techniques but also on the basis of compost, to meet the needs of consumers in quantity as well as quality.